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Humphry Davy School, Penzance, Cornwall Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program 2013

Humphry Davy School continues to work closely with The Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity to raise funds and promote the introduction of automatic defibrillators into public places in an effort to save as many lives as possible in the Penwith area and beyond. In particular, we are raising funds to install defibrillators into all the schools within the Penwith Education Trust (PET).

Fund raising (to date) at Humphry Davy has included a large Charity Fete, raffle and non uniform days.

Humphry Davy School has installed two defibrillators on site one in the school and the other by the playing fields and we are helping to raise funds for devices to be installed in other PET schools. We are committed to a training programme which will enable our young people and staff to give effective CPR and use the defibrillator machines.

The Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity first approached Humphry Davy School a year ago when 14 year old Paul Kempen, a Humphry Davy School student, became the youngest qualified CPR/AED trained FA referee in the country. It was this event that inspired HDS to purchase an AED for the school and to train two members of staff how to use the device. Since this time, Humphry Davy School, recognising both the importance of having accessible life saving devices in the community and having people trained to use them, has trained a number of staff and has fundraised to provide equipment and training at fellow Penwith Education Trust schools. Further community training has been hosted at Humphry Davy School in order to introduce more people to the AED equipment being provided around town by the RRMC.

Acknowledging the significance of training young people, HDS embarked upon training all the students at the school. Headteacher, Bill Marshall commented, “Our young people are our community’s future, and training them to save lives is of paramount importance. With the help of RRMC and HDS staff, we are delighted that all of our students have now undertaken basic CPR and AED training. All of our students are now familiar with first responder techniques which will remain with them for life and we are very proud of our students and the maturity they have shown during the training.” As one year 8 student remarked during training ‘these are real life skills’.

Humphry Davy School would like to thank Paul Williams (RRMC) for his enthusiasm and support. Whilst we sincerely hope our students will not need to call upon their newly learned skills, we are confident that we have skilled up a new generation of life savers!

HDS remains committed to the AED programme. All new students will undertake training upon entering the school and we will continue to fundraise to purchase AED devices for PET schools. Future community training events will be held at the school and will be advertised.

Students learn lesson that could save a life

The Cornishman Thursday, December 26, 2013

A spectacular new milestone in The Cornishman & Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity (RRMC) Heart Start campaign has been reached this week.

The first 150 students at Humphry Davy School are celebrating being trained in lifesaving CPR and defibrillator skills.

Pupils at Humphry Davy School celebrate an important milestone after learning how to save lives.

The year 9 pupils have been awarded certificates by the school that proves their competence at being able to react quickly when someone suffers a cardiac arrest – a condition that claims the lives of 2000 people each week in the UK, or one person every 5 minutes.

The Cornishman has been working with the Penzance-based Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity (RRMC) since the beginning of the year to get more public access defibrillators (PADs) and have thousands of people trained to use them.

RRMC secretary Paul Williams, who led the training at Humphry Davy School said “immense thanks and respect is given to head teacher Bill Marshall, co-ordinator Theresa Grainger and all PE staff for their hard work and dedication in making sure students in their school are prepared against the nation’s biggest killer.

What is highly significant was the students’ reaction to CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) attendance before and after training.

Virtually all responded before training that they would not attend a cardiac arrest. After training they all said they would.

There lies the key to overcoming unnecessary and unacceptable cardiac death – training a new generation of communities through students in our secondary schools”.

Mr Williams, who has spent hundreds of hours giving talks on the topic of PADs, said he often hears from people who would not attend a cardiac arrest because they do not know what to do.

Currently out-of-hospital cardiac survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest are just 7 per cent nationally in the UK.

Mr Williams said: “Schools in Stavanger in Norway have had CPR and AED on the curriculum for years and their out-of-hospital survival rate is an impressive 52 per cent.

Learning simple CPR skills increases the chance of survival. It could be your mum, dad, brother, sister or best friend”.

The Heart Start programme is giving everyone in Cornwall the opportunity of free community CPR training and AED demonstration.

Contact RRMC secretary Paul Williams by emailing

or calling 01736 360864 or 07581188043

Humphry Davy School pupils CPR & AED training covered by BBC Spotlight Television.

Humphry Davy School pupils public awareness CPR & AED demonstration outside Hall For Cornwall, Truro.

Cornishman Humphry Davy School internal PAD presentation. L/R: PE teacher Tom Ball, head teacher Bill Marshall, pupil Paul Kempen, business manager Theresa Grainger, and office leader Judy Rollason

Humphry Davy School external PAD, the second PAD at the school opposite the playing fields.



  • First school in the UK to initiate CPR & AEDtraining for all students
  • First school – jointly same day – in the UK to complete CPR & AED training for all students
  • First school in the UK to produce AED block trainer units for student CPR & AED Courses
  • First school in the UK to undertake a student led CPR & AED public demonstration

Humphry Davy School loan of AED trainer units and manikins further around 1800 students trained at Cape Cornwall School, St Just and Camborne Science & International Academy.

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